London, Reinterpreted as Interactive Mural, Built by Field, Light Surgeons

LDN24 from FIELD on Vimeo. My experience of London tomorrow will be somewhat “virtual,” as I spend a few hours on a layover at Heathrow. For a more artistic reinterpretation of the data that’s bound up with one of the world’s great cities, though, here’s a terrific installation: LDN24 is a public art installation for […]

Field: Digital Movement and Visual Expression, a Rich Open Source, Code + Visual Framework

What if one environment blended the code goodness of Processing with visual programming metaphors and patches, creating a single world for high definition video and OpenGL-powered 3D, with friendly-looking HyperCard-style inspectors, live coding, extensible graphical elements everywhere, an open-ended canvas, drawing with splines and images… In other words, what if you could make anything, more […]

Peter Kirn - April 23, 2009

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