Weekend Inspiration: Kraak and Smaak Flipbooks and Other superelectricvideo Visual Goodies

Yes, speaking of the visual power of flipbooks, Ivan points out that Kraak and Smaak have just made a big splash with an ingenious new music video making surrealist plays with space. It uses copious, cleverly-placed flipbooks throughout. Now you have two challenges: one, to go out and make and film flipbooks, and two, to […]

Non-Digital Inspiration: Flipbooks at Etsy

Lots of motion in the non-digital world can inspire digital visuals. (Hey, that pretty much sums up all digital photography and videography, eh?) Keeping with this theme, I’m really taken by the flipbook work featured by my friend Bre Pettis at Etsy.com’s online magazine: The Flipbooks of Etsy: Motion Picture Objects [The Storque] Bre has […]

Peter Kirn - July 9, 2008

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