Behind the Scenes: Cute Generative Animated Characters with Squishy, Open Source Code

The making of: Nokia Friends, generative characters from postspectacular on Vimeo. Karsten Schmidt sends us a behind-the-scenes mini-movie that reveals how he created pudgy, bouncy animated characters using generative code in Processing. It’s fun to watch these cute creatures evolve through a process of iteration, from bare-bone physics to the finished product. The results are […]

Happy Floating Generative Peoples at Heathrow, Verlet Physics, And Global Felt-Tip Animation

Nokia / Friends / Heathrow Terminal 5 from Universal Everything on Vimeo. The insanely wonderful crew at Sheffield, UK’s Universal Everything send along a lovely new project – just in time to help ease any unpleasant thoughts about air travel. As part of an installation for Nokia, Universal Everything created a series of projected animations. […]

Peter Kirn - June 27, 2008

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