sfFreeFrame: Free Live Visual Plugins for Your VJ Host Generate Sweet Abstract Visuals

Musicians have long benefited from audio plug-ins; why not visualists and VJs? The FreeFrame plug-in format is the answer to that question, with broad support in favored visual apps like Resolue Avenue, Modul8, vvvv, Jitter, and others. All you need is some plug-in juice to feed them. Enter Marc Wren, whose new sfFreeFrame plug-in is […]

Resolume 3.2 Released: Quartz Composer, Higher Viz Quality in PC+Mac A/V App

What’s New in Resolume 3.2 from Resolume on Vimeo. Resolume 3.2 is now out in the wild; this all-in-one audiovisual performance app for Mac and Windows continues to improve. (The most recent convert I know: Flying Lotus, better known for his music than his visuals, is having a blast.) The big news in 3.2 on […]

Peter Kirn - April 15, 2010

From-Scratch, Omni-Platform Visual Plugins: openFrameworks + FFGL Now Available

A dancer celebrates OpenFrameworks … and we celebrate OpenFrameworks goodness meeting up with FreeFrameGL flexibility. Photo (CC-BY-SA) aniara. The folks at Resolume have given us a fantastic gift: now, you can make your own FreeFrameGL plug-ins with OpenFrameworks. Say wha? Okay, so, first, let’s consider the problem. You want to create a cool visual effect. […]

Peter Kirn - March 17, 2010

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