Processing 1.5 Arrives: Android Support, GLGraphics OpenGL Awesomeness

For people coding for visuals, Processing just keeps getting better. And for people who aren’t … well, you might just want to give it a second look, as a growing global army of people who never fancied themselves coders suddenly start typing up new creations. A new release makes mobile development easier and corrects lots […]

Processing, Enroute to 2.0, Gets a Major Refresh, Better OpenGL

From the early days, a 2003 printout of Processing’s source code. Photo (CC-BY) Niels Heidenreich. Processing helped bring coding to designers, artists, and creators who never thought they’d code. The beauty of it is, in a world where people often feel technology gets worse with age, Processing is getting better. Thank co-creators Ben Fry and […]

Peter Kirn - March 9, 2011

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