Touch Ableton Live: LiveControl 2 Brings Finger Controls to iPad; Griid Discontinued

Hidden beneath a detailed interface, there’s a lot that a computer might do. Amidst a growing variety of touch tools, musicians are surfing those capabilities with custom cockpits, fingers dancing across glowing rectangles. Production and performance tool Ableton Live is really designed around mice and keyboards. For touch controls, that means turning to remote controls […]

Mixing Knobs with iPad Touch: Liine Griid + Livid Code Now Available (and Core MIDI for Griid, Too)

Users of Ableton Live, among other tools, have a dilemma. A touch display like the iPad is really good at simple triggering and interactive displays – navigating Live’s grid of clips, for instance. It gives you visual feedback without having to hunch behind your laptop, and it makes seeing (and touching) clips far easier. But […]

Peter Kirn - June 6, 2012

Griid, iPad-iPhone Controller for Ableton Live, Now Available

Image courtesy Liine. We got a first look at Griid, a dedicated Ableton Live clip launcher for the iOS platform, late last month. It’s now available in the iTunes App Store, along with pricing. Not previously announced, there’s a version for iOS handhelds (iPod touch and iPhone). A free version lets you see how you […]

- August 5, 2010

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