Guerilla Sculptural Visuals: An Intervention with Sol LeWitt, a Backpack Projector

Buckle up and project: that was the mission of a group of art “interventionists”, firing guerilla projections at the public installation of artist Sol LeWitt in Manhattan’s City Hall Park. The weapon of choice itself is one of interest: a self-powered mobile projection rig means live visuals can appear anywhere. The production team describes the […]

Guerilla Projection in Rio is Wonderfully Optically Raucous

Projection mapping is everywhere these days – corporate event fad, technical gimmick, and very often in reserved, controlled, abstract geometries. That can be lovely enough, but variety is the spice of media. And that’s why it’s nice to see the above video of real guerilla projection – it’s loud, explosive, sometimes garish and percussive. It’s […]

Peter Kirn - March 21, 2011

Guerilla Projection Mapping, 30 Minutes

Integrated Visions / City Eventions Projection Mapping (Stationary View), 08-09-10 from Integrated Visions Productions on Vimeo. Part of the appeal of projection mapping to me is not so much the novelty of the thing, as its promise to take live visual art and free it of limited contexts. As with live electronic music, there’s a […]

Peter Kirn - August 18, 2010

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