Zoom H4 Mobile Recorder, In Action on NPR

Brad Linder, a freelance journalist, shared his Zoom H4 mobile battery pack hack at a recent coworking event in Brooklyn called Jelly. The idea of coworking is to get “virtual” electronic workers out of their apartments and in an environment where they can meet other people. “Lonely” I think is the wrong word, as many […]

Zoom H4 Mobile Recording: Useful for Movie Production?

For field recording, sampling, recording practices and performances, video production, and a lot of other purposes, just about everyone wants an ideal digital mobile recorder. If you haven’t been following comments, we’ve had an extended discussion by readers on the Zoom H4 mobile recorder, its upcoming smaller sibling the H2, and competitive devices like Edirol’s […]

Peter Kirn - July 30, 2007

Zoom H2 Portable Flash Recorder Coming Soon; Mic Design Delay

Photo: Josh Jancourtz Everyone is looking for the Zoom H2, a nifty portable flash recorder with a merciful street of around US$200 and a built-in mic. We know because you’ve all started hitting our ancient page on the H2. It in fact isn’t shipping yet; Sweetwater has an explanation on their site: The Zoom H2 […]

Peter Kirn - July 24, 2007

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