VJ Video Review: Uncompressed HD Mixing with Matrox MXO2 Mini and Laptops

Matrox MXO2-Mini review for VJs. Uncompressed HD mixing laptop to laptop. from vade on Vimeo. Enough of low-resolution hardware mixing. Our friend Anton aka vade has dreamed for some time of doing full, uncompressed HD mixing of two laptops. And he means laptops — not luggable towers or anything like that. It’s a common enough […]

Off The Shelf RAID 5 for Uncompressed Editing on HD4NDs

Mike has a bit of a discussion on using RAID for uncompressed editing. Mac-centric, but the same issues apply for the PC world. Mike links to a 2 reviews (here and here) of the Caldigit HDPro (US$8000 for 6TB). A little expensive, but one of his commentors points out that DIY systems can be put […]

Jaymis Loveday - October 12, 2007

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