Walter Müller, Inventor of Futuristic Harmonica, Dies, But Millioniser Lives On

The man who gave harmonicas a boldly futuristic vision is lost to us. We’ve learned that Walter Müller, inventor of the MIDI wind controller Millioniser, died this month. Rock Erickson of Millioniser writes with the news, and updates us on plans to carry on with the Millioniser as well as to honor Müller’s memory. (See […]

Millioniser 2000: 80s-tastic MIDI Harmonica Whose Time Has Come?

“It comes from tomorrow …but it’s here today.” Well, now it is tomorrow. And yesterday’s tomorrow still looks futuristic. Try this test: show someone the video above for the Millioniser 2000, a MIDI harmonica designed by Ronald Schlimmer. Tell them this is a 2009 video designed to go viral, a fakery of 80s cheese. After […]

Peter Kirn - July 22, 2009

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