HD4NDs Blue Ray is Going To Win

Mike is predicting that Warner’s backing of Blu-ray spells the end for HD-DVD. I’m not necessarily sure I’d want Sony to “win”, I strongly dislike their history of introducing media formats that nobody needs, and their track record on DRM is heinous. However I agree that it would be great if something would win, so […]

Red One Cameras in the wild, first stills and more.

” Mike from HD for Indies with the Red One overlooking New York City The Red camera is in the wild, and apparently the revolution wont be televised, it will be filmed, at 4096×2048 @ 24FPS. Here is a quick link roundup from the interwebs. FX Guides Red One launch coverage 4K stills and video […]

vade - September 6, 2007

Tapeless Progress: Panasonic P2 Software for Mac

One of the reasons I decided against the Panasonic HVX-200 when choosing my HD camera was that there wasn’t OSX software to import P2 cards. This has now changed with Panasonic releasing P2 Contents Management Software for Mac. A little late, and you probably already heard this via HD for Indies. You read HD4NDS, right?

Jaymis Loveday - August 20, 2007

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