Dance and Photography Combine Beautifully in Music Video for The Mast

Plenty of music videos resort to the “just shoot a dancer, dancing about” formula. But a video by Haale Gafori for The Mast proves simply transcendent. High-speed photography captures every percussive twitch of the dancer, who explodes clouds of particles (flour?) against a void-like black. It’s elegantly shot and edited, finally interpersing shots that project […]

The Magic of High Speed Photography: An Egg-Themed Tribute, an Affordable Camera for the Masses

Technologist magician Marco Tempest is back with another effort fusing traditional techniques and new gizmos. And I like how Marco celebrates Easter: not by painting eggs, but by filming them in motion on high-speed cameras. This time, he calls our attention to George Karger, a pioneer in high-speed photography and amateur magic – a pre-digital […]

Peter Kirn - April 25, 2011

CHDK Powershot Firmware Allows High Speed Photography on the Cheap

The folks over at CHDK have been implementing custom firmware for the Canon Digic II and Digic III PowerShot cameras for some time – allowing for some awesome features for these small cameras. Previous added abilities such as shooting raw mode, USB tethered triggering, in camera motion detection and increased video recording options (compression options […]

vade - December 10, 2007

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