PhiLia 01: Beautiful Audiovisual Art App for iPhone, Made with Open Source OpenFrameworks

Philia 01 Support Video from Lia on Vimeo. Artist Lia has created her first piece of art for the iPhone and iPod touch, something called PhiLia 01. It’s a quirky, gorgeous generative sound and visual app activated by movement, one that encourages users to save their own artwork. On the iTunes Store Composer Morton […]

Projection Mapping Resource and Tutorial: How To Project On 3D Geometry with VVVV

Last time we checked, the VVVV “How to Project On Complex Geometry” article was in its infancy. Now it’s been renamed as How To Project On 3D Geometry (why?), and stands as a great overview to the subject, with some specific patches for trying various setups in VVVV, and discussion on the technical aspects of […]

Jaymis Loveday - January 19, 2009

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