Out of Bounds Installation Sees Through Walls via IR Torch

Seeing through walls in Chris’ Out of Bounds. Photo by the artist, via Flickr. Chris O’Shea (also of the blog Pixelsumo) has a brilliant installation that allows people to see through walls. It’s an idea I’ve seen done before, but Chris actually makes the effect convincing, by giving visitors an infrared torch (what we’d call […]

Microsoft Live Labs Photosynth Transforms 2D Photos into 3D Worlds; Hands-on

Photosynth is one of the coolest pieces of software of any kind to emerge this year. And despite the fact that the name begins with the word “Photo” from a major software developer’s “Labs”, this time it’s Microsoft Live Labs giving us love instead of Adobe Labs. Photosynth takes hundreds — or thousands — of […]

Peter Kirn - November 10, 2006

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