Saxxy: Synthesizer Saxophone-Tuba-Clarinet Kazoo!

It’s a saxophone! It’s a tuba! It’s a clarinet! It’s a kazoo! It’s none of these — it’s Saxxy! I can’t possible top the ad copy to describe this, so let’s just read and enjoy: “Saxxy™ is the fun new kazoo — a sophisticated electronic musical instrument that makes it easy for anyone to play […]

Your Favorite Instrument: Only One Can Win

Well, it's another gripping poll going here at CDM headquarters. Here are the stats so far: Guitars are beating keyboards, 46% to 35%. None of you plays the kazoo as your primary instrument. This site has 26 readers. (meaning, based on our server logs, a sampler error margin of about 5,000%) Now, obviously, none of […]

Peter Kirn - March 29, 2005

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