Glitch: Exquisite Textiles, Made from a Circuit-Bent Point-and-Shoot Camera

As winter’s chill sets in, any self-respecting lover of digital visual distortions will no doubt be curling under the protective warmth of a glitch blanket. New York-based artist Phillip David Stearns, himself a kind of guru of glitch, has produced detailed, organic patterns spun out of camera hacks. Via machine knitting and weaving, complex, non-repeating […]

Images from the Dawn of Kodachrome Color Film, and Keeping the Dream Alive

A 1922 test of Kodachrome color motion pictures predates feature-length color movies by several years. The results are eerily beautiful, a transcendent view through the eyes of someone exploring a medium that is still new technology, and the talented performers able to exploit its potential. At once contemporary and alien, the pictures are also a […]

Peter Kirn - August 25, 2010

Weekend Inspiration: Cheap Camera + Free Blender Software = Motion in Hours

For further proof that you can make footage in Blender, here’s an example whipped up by Troy James Sobotka. Troy’s approach is one familiar to a lot of us: grab the simplest camera possible, go shoot something, go make something. I think it’s part of what I find appealing about the world of live visualists […]

Peter Kirn - February 22, 2009

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