Free Instrument + Sounds from NI in the Holiday Selection 2009

The days (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least) have grown shorter, so it’s time to put in some extra hours working on music production. Native Instruments have released a big selection of synthesis sounds, sampled instruments, and multiple effects in a free, Kore Player-based instrument, in case you haven’t already heard the news via NI’s […]

Clap On, Clap Off! Kore Player + Pd = Free Hand Clap Randomized Sounds

Handclap designer from jkant on Vimeo. Miss the Clapper ads? Want to randomize your music sounds by clapping your hands? (You! Kore! I demand you randomize my player! Make it so!) Guiliano Cantini, an enterprising Pd (Pure Data) patcher, has done that with a simple patch routed to Kore Player. The combination is free and […]

- March 9, 2009

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