Clap On, Clap Off! Kore Player + Pd = Free Hand Clap Randomized Sounds

Handclap designer from jkant on Vimeo. Miss the Clapper ads? Want to randomize your music sounds by clapping your hands? (You! Kore! I demand you randomize my player! Make it so!) Guiliano Cantini, an enterprising Pd (Pure Data) patcher, has done that with a simple patch routed to Kore Player. The combination is free and […]

Learning Kontakt: How to Make a Sampler an Instrument, Performance Tool

Music-boxing in NI Kontakt from Create Digital Media on Vimeo. You know the stereotype. “Synths” are expressive. “Samplers” are those things relegated to playing fake instruments. But what makes synths fun to play as an instrument is the power they have over your sound, and the interactivity they provide. Peter Dines did a series for […]

- March 3, 2009

Using Kore: Our Guide, Plus Mouse-Free Hardware-Only Control

Photos from Berlin’s fantastic Dense Record Shop by MPC2000xl / MIDI Mechanics, from his blog. To me, the ideal kind of music tech writing is when you get to spend quality time with tools for musical reasons – not simply to talk about the technology, but to make stuff. Over the past weeks, we’ve been […]

- October 29, 2008

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