Free Cubase Control from iPhone; iTouchMIDI MCU for Everything Else

Steinberg announced today that their Cubase iC controller app for iPhone and iPod touch is now available. If you’re a Cubase 5 user, this app gives you loads of control over your set wirelessly. It looks great, even if you have an existing controller – it’s just like having an extra, more pocket-able remote control. […]

Cakewalk V-Studio 100: Mixer + Recorder + Computer Audio Interface + Controller

Sometimes, audio products come in sexy, exciting packages. But sometimes, they simply solve a set of problems. And the products that fit into the latter category can be as beloved (dare I say sexy), if not more so. Since I first saw a prototype in the fall, I’ve been eagerly awaiting trying out Cakewalk’s V-Studio […]

- April 1, 2009

iPhone/Touch Roundup: Control, Art, Snow Patrol, Visualizers, Recording, One for India

What could a pocket-sized computer be? It could be a new kind of album extra (yawn), a new kind of generative musical format that samples and responds to the world around it (whoo). It could be a more effective controller (fun), or an Indian drone (really). The Apple iPod touch / iPhone, as always, brings […]

Peter Kirn - September 2, 2008

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