Inside the transformational AV duo of Paula Temple and Jem the Misfit

Paula Temple and Jem the Misfit are working on the latest iteration of a project about transformation. It melts and fragments, crystallizes and forms, from its rich palette of hybridized techno and ambient textures, sonic and visual alike. And now, it’s set to be involved in some way in transformation beyond just the confines of […]

Syphon in Your After Effects Lets You Map While You Animate

Okay, After Effects fans — Ahem. Yo Dawg, I hear you like Syphon, so I put Syphon in Your After Effects. Or something to that effect. Say what? Well, Syphon, for those of you who have, um, never read this site, is a technology for connecting textures between apps on the Mac. And that includes […]

Peter Kirn - March 19, 2014

Sougwen Chung's Chiaroscuro Installation Breathes with Light and Hand-drawn Imagery

Chiaroscuro is an installation work by Sougwen Chung, the Canadian-born, New York-based illustrator/media artist. Veering far from the mechanical minimalism of so much projection mapping, with its hard edges and rectangular conformity, Sougwen instead uses light and animation to draw outside the lines. Shimmering as though refracted through a digital ocean, the animation lights up […]

Peter Kirn - June 11, 2013

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