Pop-Up Video: Tesla, Synesthetic Hallucination, and Augmented Book Science

Nikola Tesla in Sound and Light from Marco Tempest on Vimeo. Digitally-enhanced magician Marco Tempest is back, here with a poignant message about the magic of science – the leaps of faith, and leaps of showmanship, required to turn scientific imagination into reality. Any opportunity to celebrate genius scientist Nikola Tesla, unjustly unsung relative to […]

In TED Talk, Augmenting Reality, Storytelling with Magic; Behind-the-Scenes [Kinect, vvvv]

Faith in fiction: our friend, virtual magician Marco Tempest, is back with another must-watch, dazzling effects-laden soliloquy. There’s plenty of sparkling eye candy, but as is often the case with Marco’s work, the content behind the effects delves into the philosophy of what magic, theater, and fiction itself really mean. The message is timely. Rooted […]

Peter Kirn - April 2, 2012

Cyber-Illusion: A Digital Magician Unafraid of Revealing Secrets, History, in Google Talk

Cyber-illusionist Marco Tempest speaks in a full length video to the Innovators@Google series at Google’s New York offices. Marco, whose work we’ve followed before, is unique in that his presentation isn’t just a series of visual tricks, however wondrous. He roots his work in the history of magic and illusion, not only technically but as […]

Peter Kirn - August 30, 2011

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