NAB 2011 New Gear Preview: HDMI Mixing and Capture, Other Goodies Could Transform Live Visuals

Dawn of the HDMI VJ age? Photo (CC-BY-ND) Sam_catch. Ed.: Create Digital Motion contributor Anton Marini reports from NAB, the broadcast gear show this week. While “broadcast” had traditionally been the emphasis, this is 2011 – and a lot of what’s on offer could transform live visuals and design. From tablets manipulating Photoshop to new […]

ArKaos GrandVJ to Support 50-60 fps, Framerate is Beautiful, Plus Why FRAPS Rocks

GrandVJ struts its stuff at the World Lighting Fair. Mmmm… light. Delicious light. Photo courtesy ArKaos. GrandVJ is the live visual world’s best secret at the moment. Maybe it’s the software’s streamlined feature set or simple-looking UI, or maybe hard-core visualists had come to associate the name “ArKaos” with the company’s previous product, which recently […]

Peter Kirn - August 24, 2009

VJ Video Review: Uncompressed HD Mixing with Matrox MXO2 Mini and Laptops

Matrox MXO2-Mini review for VJs. Uncompressed HD mixing laptop to laptop. from vade on Vimeo. Enough of low-resolution hardware mixing. Our friend Anton aka vade has dreamed for some time of doing full, uncompressed HD mixing of two laptops. And he means laptops — not luggable towers or anything like that. It’s a common enough […]

vade - August 10, 2009

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