In Max 6, Big Banner 3D + Animation Features for Jitter, Alongside Usability Improvements

We’ve been waiting for some time to learn what was next for Jitter, the 3D, matrix data, animation, and video side of Cycling ’74’s Max 6 graphical multimedia development environment. (Phew!) The wait is now at its conclusion: Cycling has released details of what’s changed, as well as an extended video sneak preview above worth […]

Auvi, Amazing Set of Video Processing Objects for Max-Jitter, Now Free

There are many tools for visual patching, but the real gems come along only so often. One of those sets of gems was the Auvi objects for Max/MSP/Jitter, developed in the early years of the last decade. The objects were assumed to be abandonware, until just this week, they resurfaced – entirely free to download. […]

Peter Kirn - June 24, 2010

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