Projection-Mapped Raw Bacon: Music Video by Hands Make Fire

Hint: if you’re wondering how you could possibly projection-map raw bacon successfully, you… can’t. “Projection Mapped Bacon” sounds a bit like someone did a Mad Libs parody of CDMotion, so I of course have to post this. In fact, it’s a charming DIY music video in which projection mapping, in fits and starts, is fitted […]

Off-Topic: Deadmau5 Eats a Giant Epic Meal Time Tower of Grilled Cheese

North America: it’ll kill you, m***********. Sure, you know what the United States can do to destroy your taste in Dubstep, and how it likes to roll without health insurance. And you probably think USA when you think fatally-unhealthy cuisine. But meet USA’s neighbor to the north, Canada. The country that takes cheese, fries, and […]

Peter Kirn - October 17, 2011

Music Videos: Weezer/Motion Theory Love Letter to YouTube

Ah, Motion Theory. We lover their work already. And now, in one brutal blow, they simultaneously produce: A kick-ass video for Weezer. A love letter to YouTube and Internet memes — watch through to the end. It gets denser. An instant on-screen “How much of a geek are you?” quiz. A video that should throw […]

Peter Kirn - May 30, 2008

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