Train AI on images, and GET3D populates your world with 3D objects and characters

The latest from NVIDIA Research is an AI-powered machine that spits out 3D models – in standard formats. Code is inbound shortly. And that opens up some possibilities for virtual worlds, especially for solo artists.

MetaHumans and ray tracing, as Unreal powers The Matrix and MegaGrants

Let’s not get sucked into any mention of the “metaverse” – from the standpoint of pure graphics power on mere-mortal PCs, Unreal is one of the tools that is now seriously accessible for artists, even on a budget. And that’s worth celebrating, given it previously required getting a rare gig in a Hollywood VFX company.

Peter Kirn - December 16, 2021

MWM is 3D Savvy, Next-Generation Mapping Tool; Here's Why It's Big News

If your computer can visualize massive three-dimensional worlds inside your computer, why can’t it be just as savvy in multiple dimensions on output? That’s the question asked by MWM. Like other mapping software, the idea is to get beyond just a single rectangle as output, supporting multiple outputs and 3D surfaces and warping. What’s unique […]

Peter Kirn - February 24, 2014

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