Archimedes, by Daedelus: Sheer Poetry of Robotic Moving Mirrors

ARCHIMEDES Teaser from Jack Whiteley on Vimeo. You’ve seen live shows with projection, and more projection, and LED walls, and LED walls with projection. “Archimedes” is something different. An array of robotic mirrors, looking for all the world like some attachment for the International Space Station, moves in a choreographed ballet behind the artist. With […]

An Attentive Flock of Mirrors, Built in OpenFrameWorks

Audience from Chris O’Shea on Vimeo. Chris O’Shea and rAndom International have completed a lovely installation at the Royal Opera House (UK). 64 mirrors move, each distinctively, to follow moving attendees who catch their “attention.” The installation is powered by Chris’ custom code and rAndom’s hardware and circuits, build on C++, OpenFrameWorks, and Intel’s ubiquitous […]

Peter Kirn - September 29, 2008

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