H.264 Advocates Get Out Their Tinfoil Hats in Wake of Chrome Decision

I’ll open with what I just said to some (perfectly reasonable) questions raised by Øivind Idsø on Twitter: most users make video with proprietary software and watch it in Flash. The idea is to change that. It turns out to be hard. Open video advocates have now gotten some huge gifts from Google; I’m disinclined […]

Editorial: MPEG LA Extends Royalty-Free License for H.264, Sorta – But Not Much Changes

The good news: a lot of “broadcast” Internet video is free forever on AVC and H.264. The bad news: everything else still costs money, not much else changes, and you can expect the next battle will be a protracted patent debate. Whee! Photo (CC-BY) Bill Jacobus. MPEG LA, the group that holds the patent pool […]

Peter Kirn - August 26, 2010

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