Ableton Adds Lion Support, Better MIDI Sync; For Some Music, Watch Nicolas Jaar Play Live

Ableton this week has released 8.2.5; it’s worth mentioning here primarily as it adds Lion support on Mac OS. I still strongly recommend against upgrading to 10.7 for the time being, until you’ve verified that your particular mix of plug-ins and hardware is also compatible, but it’s a promising sign. Other improvements are also worth […]

Nicolas Jaar, Making Electronic Music Eminently Live, Talks to MTV About Honesty

Nicolas JaarGet More: Nicolas Jaar, MTV Hive A few decades is a short time in the history of instruments. But something magical is happening: the electronic instrument, the computer, is finally easily shifting into performance scenarios, into improvisation, and into bands. (The performance features Livid’s Ohm64 and Ableton Live, with sax, guitar, and drums, at […]

- August 5, 2011

A Moody Narrative to the Music of Nicolas Jaar, in Unofficial Video

Keep an eye on that Google Alert, musicians. Artists’ next music videos may emerge from the ether, the work of young amateurs, rather than commissioned by labels. Recently, I made a plea to avoid bland music videos, accompanied by a parody that neatly summed up the worst cliches. What’s remarkable to me is that some […]

Peter Kirn - May 13, 2011

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