Image Content Editing: Adobe CS5 Brings Seam Carving to Photoshop

We’ve been keeping an eye on Seam Carving (or “Content Aware Image Resizing”, for the academically unhip) since 2007. Now, via French VJ blog extraordinaire LeCollagiste, we discover that Photoshop CS5 will feature what Adobe and Princeton are now calling PatchMatch. PatchMatch: Structural Image Editing from Dan Goldman on Vimeo. No sign of any publicly […]

Impressive Siggraph talk – Seam Carving for Content Aware Image Resizing

Wow. Pretty nerdy sounding, but this technology is quite impressive, and could be incredibly useful for aspect ratio conversion, object removal, rescaling, etc. The object removal is very very impressive. I can think of a bunch of interesting uses for this, especially if you artificially mess with the weights for effect only. Id love to […]

vade - August 22, 2007

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