OLPC’s Sugar and Music Learning: Education, Not OS, is the Point

Looking beyond OLPC: The hardware is important, software is important — but there’s more. Photo CC Mike Lee, via Flickr. Ah, the seasoned OS zealot. Never fear: no actual issues of substance will ever distract them from one-dimensional tirades about how their platform is best. And so, in the last week or so, you may […]

Gigs of Free Samples from OLPC, Now Available as Torrent

As mentioned last week, the OLPC project has provided some 8.5GB of Creative Commons-licensed sound. Unfortunately, in an all-too-familiar scenario, the servers didn’t stand up to its instant popularity. Good news — most of the content is available now via torrent, with additional content on the Internet Archive. We need a Few Good Seeds, so […]

Peter Kirn - March 31, 2008

Free OLPC Samples Should be Available Soon

For those of you who haven’t already discovered this, yes, the server with samples from the OLPC project is in fact struggling under the load. (It was already in trouble just from the attention of the Csound list, let alone CDM and Boing Boing!) We’re in touch with that team, and hope to have news […]

Peter Kirn - March 27, 2008

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