Operator-1 Details: The Casio VL-Tone of the 21st Century, Plus the Synth Alarm Clock!

For lovers of the simplicity and fun of the Casio VL series, a successor seems is finally here. The Operator-1 (OP-1), even in prototype form, has us hot and bothered more than anything we’ve seen recently. We’ve been able to snag some additional details. MusicRadar got a video with the creators, though you won’t learn […]

High-Density Screens Due; OP-1’s Gorgeous Display

The age of the high-density screen has begun. You can bet these will start to replace the tired (and functionally limiting) LED readouts of the past. The upshot: hardware with usability rivaling computers. Oh, and it’ll look damned purty. Teenage Engineering has this gorgeous vid of the Operator-1 “OP-1” controller/synth prototype in action: NOW talk […]

- March 30, 2009

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