Adobe CS4 Upgrades Here; Quick Look at Features – Does it Matter to You?

An invitation to a new CS. I can at least guarantee “It’s going to come in a really big box.” Photo by Ian Usher, via Flickr. Adobe is back with another Creative Suite update, and touting (accurately) “bigness”: Adobe‚Äôs biggest software release to date includes Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design editions, Creative Suite 4 Web […]

Tapeless Progress: Panasonic P2 Software for Mac

One of the reasons I decided against the Panasonic HVX-200 when choosing my HD camera was that there wasn’t OSX software to import P2 cards. This has now changed with Panasonic releasing P2 Contents Management Software for Mac. A little late, and you probably already heard this via HD for Indies. You read HD4NDS, right?

Jaymis Loveday - August 20, 2007

More Paper Animated Timelapse: Switchfoot's "Awakening"

While we’re on the subject of animated pieces of paper: Switchfoot’s “Awakening” has been treated to a similar workflow (frames printed and photographed) with a very different result. StudioDaily has an interview with Brandon Dickerson, on the workflow required to put this piece together.

Jaymis Loveday - July 2, 2007

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