Hack Art: How A Discarded BTX Terminal, Found on the Street, Returned to Life

Here, when we talk about salvaging old electronics, we really mean salvaging. The basis of Shechina ex machina by artist and VJ/visualist Kiritan Flux (aka Tobias Frederik Last) was an object found on the street. The way it became a working display again provides a glimpse into how outmoded electronics might live on. The Berlin-based […]

Ghostss: NIN Video Remix as an Online, Creative Commons-Powered App

Online remix contests are all the rage these days. User-generated content is becoming this decade’s latest annoying buzzword. But visualist engineer Marco Hinic took a different approach. He didn’t create one video remix. He created an app that can create endless video remixes. Nine Inch Nails Ghosts, meet random visual mash-ups from Creative Commons-licensed online […]

Peter Kirn - September 8, 2008

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