Free Plug-ins for a Free Visual App: Flash-Based Onyx VJ Plugs Get a Blog

Batchass has added a new blog which will feature new plug-ins for Onyx VJ, the free and open source VJ app built in Flash / Flex / AIR. With the possibility of support for Adobe’s new Pixel Bender, this is all getting pretty interesting. (And because of the Adobe architectures beneath, that means creations can […]

Polar Views of Video: Fodder for 3D, Pixel Bender Effects?

2.5D – Polar Panoramic Video from Valentijn Kint on Vimeo. Speaking of Adobe’s new Pixel Bender, VKNT writes about work he’s doing with polar views, as modified in an application that processes panoramic images called Pano2VR. It’s not a real-time process, in this case (though the finished result is built in Processing), but I don’t […]

Peter Kirn - October 1, 2008

More on Adobe’s Pixel Bender in CS4 and Flash, GPUs, and Performance

Pixel Bender from Adobe is capable of developing all manner of filter eye candy, like these selections from users at the Pixel Bender Exchange (many of them free to use). In case you didn’t watch comments on my Pixel Bender preview, there was some good discussion, including Kevin Goldsmith, who manages the Adobe Image Foundation […]

Peter Kirn - October 1, 2008

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