More on Project Natal: Latency Concerns, Johnny Chung Lee, Freaky Interactions with a Fake Kid

Microsoft’s Project Natal unveiling for Xbox 360 was no question a blockbuster of technology presentations, nothing short of sheer magic in a games industry that has lately looked somewhat backward-looking. The combination of a 3D-capable camera with facial and object recognition and vocal recognition and mic interaction takes already-smart elements and puts them together into […]

Full Body, No-Controller, No-Tag 3D Motion Tracking: Microsoft’s Project Natal for Xbox 360

Anyone for a game of Harmonix Mime Hero, with the Marcel Marceau expansion pack? We’ve seen simple computer vision applications, “augmented reality” systems and object tracking schemes that use specially-printed tags, 3D tracking using IR emitters, and specialized motion detection sensors (most notably Nintendo’s Wii). But the holy grail, of course, is getting tracking without […]

Peter Kirn - June 1, 2009

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