Nine Inch Nails Gear pr0n (Sigh), Again

No matter how many music tech toys you have, no matter how many music tech toys you’ve ever seen, Nine Inch Nails still has more. Michael Hetrick writes to point us to his latest post over on KVR: Total Gear-Porn on new NIN site [KVR Audio Forums] It’s especially nice to see some of the […]

Zebra 2 is Here; Gallery of Hardware Retired & Replaced for a Soft Synth

Zebra 2.0 is the deep, rich “everything, plus the kitchen sink”, “next-generation” synth. It was a wildly powerful subtractive + additive synth when it first came out, and version 2.0 adds FM capabilities, basic modeling, and wavetable, plus a mini-synth for learning and quickie programming called the Zebralette. All of this is packaged into a […]

Peter Kirn - October 11, 2006

AES: Beautiful “Redhead” Red Type A Mic, with Interchangeable Tube Capsules

Sometimes it’s really hard to be rational and dispassionate about high-end audio gear. Some of it is just ridiculously pretty. And every time the AES show rolls around, you can be sure your right brain’s neurons are going to get all hot and bothered about Blue and Red Microphones and their lovely, vintage-style designs.

Peter Kirn - October 10, 2006

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