PS3 Eye Camera Drivers Updated for Windows: Fixes, Performance, Options, Awesomeness

Whoo! That’s three cat/leopard/dog photos in a roll! And now… I’ll stop. Photo (CC) csullens, who I hope doesn’t object – do you need model clearance for felines? What counts as really big news in my special technology world is, I’ll admit, a little different than everyone else. But it’s tough to really convey the […]

PS3 Eye Cam Optimization, Mac and Beyond

Via Aaron Meyers, who’s getting ready for some fun projects at Eyebeam here in New York this week, anyone using a camera for capture, live video, or tracking needs to check out this copious thread on the OpenFrameworks forum: beginners ~ Sony PS3 Eye We already knew Sony’s US$40 PS3 Eye camera was a wonder; […]

Peter Kirn - June 16, 2009

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