PSP Music Making Love: PSPSEQ Video Tutorials, Little Piggy Tracker in Progress

Move over, Nintendo DS. You may win on quantity and you certainly have some interesting apps, but when it comes to hardcore, deep apps with rich sounds and capabilities, the PSP has turned into a mobile music creation powerhouse. And if you think mobile music production is a novelty or a toy or only for […]

PSPSeq 3.0, Killer PSP Music Composing Tool, Now Available

PSPSeq, the latest release of this powerful sequencer with real-time synthesis and sample playback on Sony’s handheld game console, is now available in version 3.0. (We saw it last week but it’s now actually available for download.) In this release: Synthesizer presets 7 MB sample memory FM feedback with configurable routing (nice) Shortcuts and workflow […]

Peter Kirn - July 14, 2008

Big Updates for Handheld Homebrew Music: NitroTracker 0.4, PSPSeq 3, PSP Rhythm 8

iPhone what? There’s big stuff happening in homebrew music development for Nintendo DS and PSP. NitroTracker 0.4 (Now) First up, on the uber-popular Nintendo DS, NitroTracker 0.4 adds some big features. Creator Tobias Weyand writes: I wanted to tell you that I just released NitroTracker v0.4 with lots of new features and improvements, the coolest […]

Peter Kirn - July 10, 2008

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