Motion-Controlled, Motion-Tracked, Single-Shot Music Video: Cowper – Morning Prayer

Hello CDMo! Long time no post! Apologies for my extended reclusion. In between buying a house and changing full time jobs from Web Guy to Video Guy, it’s been an exciting time to be a Jaymis. Happily, I now find myself in an ideal situation: Working as part of a small team, on interesting and […]

RED Digital Camera, Meet Sony Vegas 9: First Impressions

No, you’re not imagining things. That is in fact 4096-pixel-wide footage you’re editing, right in Sony Vegas. What happens when digital cinematography meets a favorite desktop video editing app for mortals? When our friend Nathanaël Lécaudé, also a talented multitouch developer, said he had encountered some work with RED, I was really curious to know […]

nathanal-lcaud - June 12, 2009

Red Announces a Professional Pocket Camera, 4K Projectors, 4K Displays

Mike has reported some new facts from RED on HD4NDS, concerning the next moves for this industry-challenging company. 1.) A “professional pocket camera” – also referred to elsewhere as a handheld camera 2.) A “new line of 4K projectors” 3.) A “new line of 4K displays” I asked “Plural on both?” he said “Plural on […]

Jaymis Loveday - April 24, 2007

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