Less is More: 35mm Adapters on Prolost

Prolost has some interesting discussion of 35mm DV Adapters, prompted by the release of a new option: the G35. Some of the most cinematic digital images I’ve seen lately have not been from a Panavision Genesis or a Dalsa Origin, but rather from a Panasonic DVX100a equipped with a device that would have engineers screaming […]

35MM Lens to DV Cam Adapter Shootout: Redrock Micro M2, Brevis 35 and SGPRO

PhilipBloom.net has an extensive shootout between “three of the most popular ‘affordable’ 35mm Depth of Field adaptors”. What I wanted to do with this shootout is give people information that I was not able to get when I wanted to buy an adaptor. There are many people with these adaptors, but very few people have […]

Jaymis Loveday - February 9, 2007

Pimp Your DV Camera: RedRock MicroFollowFocus & M2, DV MultiRig and DIY DV Mods

I’m sure some CDMotion readers must be wondering if I actually own a DV camera considering the stop-motion and still camera focus these last couple of weeks. Rest assured I both own and even on occasion wield a DV cam, however my DSLR has held me in thrall with its beautiful images, shallow depth of […]

Jaymis Loveday - October 5, 2006

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