Fragmented Portraits, Made by 3D Scanner, of New Yorkers

04302011 from Sophie Kahn on Vimeo. A beautiful series of portraits, created on 3D scanner, looks simultaneously like a digital fragmentation of the face and one of the eerie reconstructions of human faces, as if produced centuries from now. It’s the work of artist Sophie Kahn, on exhibit now at an event in Reno, Nevada. […]

3D Scanning: Slow Pokey Lego Version

Projector-type 3D scanning seems very functional, but I would expect it to lose accuracy as the object size decreases. So for scanning small objects (such as Lego), Lego genius Philippe Hurbain has come up with a scanner made of lego. Philippe’s instructions also includes (under “3D reconstruction”) a technique for creating a “complete” 3D model […]

Jaymis Loveday - March 25, 2009

Simple DIY 3D Scanning: Projector + Camera + Processing

DIY 3D Scanner from Kyle McDonald on Vimeo. Kyle McDonald sends us a hacked-together 3D scanner. I love that it’s slightly inaccurate in aesthetically-pleasing ways, I love that it’s something you can put together using stuff you already have at the ready, and I love that it’s powered by Processing. The applications could range from […]

Peter Kirn - February 12, 2009

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