Half-Minute Theater: Pavel Pogudin, Gypsies, Cutout Characters, Mechanical Ballet

It’d be silly to write a long post about an (extremely) short film, so I’ll just say this. Sometimes, I open my inbox, and I see an email that says nothing other than this: Hello! Just want to show some gypsy motion graphics Thanks! — Best, Pavel I won’t make any further introduction. Gypsy motion […]

Playing with Shadows: Mira Calix and Flat-e, Lourdes Castro and Manuel Zimbro

Before digital projectors, before even the film projector, there was the world’s simplest projection tech: light source, shadow. From the traditional Indonesian art of Wayang shadow puppetry to modern artists scrounging used overhead projectors as they are retired from schools, the medium is as rich as ever. Electronic musician Mira Calix (Warp) uses cast shadows […]

Peter Kirn - June 10, 2010

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