The Dazzling, Futuristic Lighting of Licht.Pfad, Transforming Clubs and Beyond

Light Installations Show Reel 2013-2014 from Licht.Pfad Studio on Vimeo. Seeing the future of light in performance, installation, and clubs doesn’t necessarily mean waiting around for some fantastic, new kind of lighting instrument. That requires big manufacturers making mass-market products, and their priorities don’t always align with artists. Instead, what we’re seeing is often traditional […]

In Boston, a VJ Competition, and a Glimpse Inside the Live Visual Scene

Along with New York, Boston was really my introduction to what was happening in live visuals and VJing. So, I already took interest when a couple of friends sent word of a VJ competition in Boston. Then, of course, things in that city turned very strange indeed. The festival “Together,” scheduled in May, couldn’t have […]

Peter Kirn - April 17, 2013

Laura Ramirez in Rhythms of Light and Color, Live Visual Projects Worldwide [Reel of the Day]

The art of visualizing from Optikal Ink Lab on Vimeo. Among superstar VJs, one favorite is Bogotá, Colombia-based Laura Ramirez, aka Optika VJ. We’ve seen her monumental Space Invader mapping; here, she’s back with a wrap of a variety of projects. I don’t want to project (ahem) too much on the scene, but I have […]

Peter Kirn - April 2, 2013

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