sktch, with Artist-Created, Generative Brushes, Comes to iPad

sktch is a different kind of art tool for the mobile app age. For starters, it’s the outgrowth of a media outlet: Creative Applications Network, led by London-based architect, technologist, and curator Filip Visnjic, has already become the go-to site for people interested in making apps into art. The application itself embodies some of that […]

SKTCH: Generative iPhone Drawings, Shared Among a Community of Artists

Used as a traditional painting device, the iPhone and iPod touch aren’t terribly impressive, reducing the interaction to a kind of simplistic finger painting. (Ditto any touch device, really.) But attach dynamic, generative brushes to your fingers, and the act of painting digitally is transformed. Behind the scenes, it’s not the software or the technology […]

Peter Kirn - May 10, 2010

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