Next Projection Frontier, Going 3D? Head Tracking, Stereoscopy

3D lovers will always have a special place in their hearts for the red and blue. Photo (CC) Zach Manchester. It’s time to enter a new dimension …the third dimension. With 3D engines easily able to handle multiple cameras, inexpensive systems for head tracking, and the growing ubiquity of not only red/blue stereoscopic glasses but […]

Fake 3D on the iPhone, and Why Images are Cool for Motion

There was once a time when “hologram” meant a very specific image technique associated with – you know – lasers. And I think holography could reclaim its cool, as its unique aesthetic inspires retro admiration. For some reason, however, at the moment the general public is so confused by holography that they’re applying the name […]

Peter Kirn - August 18, 2009

Looking at Your Computer Desktop through 3D Glasses

Ah, those crazy Linux-using, Deviant Art artists. Someone has created an anaglyph theme for the GNOME (Linux) desktop. Don some red and blue-tinted glasses, and watch your desktop pop out of your screen. After all, it’s not as though all this Vista Aero glass and drop shadow and flying windows and such makes it really […]

Peter Kirn - March 10, 2009

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