Melting Reality, Perception-Warping Projections, Stereoscopy from Apparati Effemeri

In a stunning, surreal set of tests, our friends at Bologna, Italy-based Apparati Effimeri are using stereoscopy and projection mapping to muck with the fabric of what you perceive in a garden or architecture. The results would make Dali go buy a six pack of beamers. There’s little to say other than to have a […]

3D Meets Open Video: HTML5 + NVIDIA + WebM + Firefox

Got this hardware? Then watch YouTube go into 3D. All you need is to get a friend to toss some fish from behind your monitor to complete the effect. (See: Muppets Take Manhattan.) The promise of genuinely open video isn’t just making something “open” for the sake of it. Realizing that potential means doing something […]

Peter Kirn - May 26, 2011

Walter Murch Identifies 3D's Shortcomings; A Non-Luddite Plea for the Imperfection of Illusion

Photo (CC-BY) Marcelo Braga. Roger Ebert is not a person with whom I’m accustomed to being in agreement. His position on whether games are art seems laughable for someone who makes Hollywood his living, attacking a medium rather than the content made in that medium. But kudos to Ebert for bringing to light the insight […]

Peter Kirn - February 3, 2011

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