Melting Reality, Perception-Warping Projections, Stereoscopy from Apparati Effemeri

In a stunning, surreal set of tests, our friends at Bologna, Italy-based Apparati Effimeri are using stereoscopy and projection mapping to muck with the fabric of what you perceive in a garden or architecture. The results would make Dali go buy a six pack of beamers. There’s little to say other than to have a […]

Who Needs MTV? Great Tiger Go 3D, Stylishly Vector, in Music Video

3D stereoscopy may be the next big thing. Or… a really old thing that keeps coming back. Or a fun excuse to hand out glasses with your music video / performance. Or something. Whatever it is, I’m enjoying the homebrewed video “Videodrome” for Great Tiger. This is no big-budget production, and that has me thinking. […]

Peter Kirn - August 25, 2011

Adding Dimension to Cinema’s Future: A Hypercubist Manifesto, and 3D Aesthetics

The futurists are on the side of 3D, even with silly-looking glasses and 19th-century stereoscopy, while luddites rail against it just because they don’t know any better? Think again. A good, long look at Super Mario Brothers might just change the way you think about time in media – seriously. The advent of photography and […]

Peter Kirn - February 28, 2011

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