Ask CDMo Readers: Favourite Video Sharing Site for Quality?

We’ve previously covered online distribution services which allow you to sell or otherwise monetize your video, but what if you’re just wanting to share and display your videos in the best possible light? There’s always Youtube, but the compression will mangle your beautifully rendered and painstakingly edited clips to death. Robert/Flight404 has dealt with this […]

Get Your DVD Distributed on in Seven Easy Steps (and Countless Difficult Sub-Steps)

Studiodaily has a fluff piece for Customflix which caught the attention of HD4NDs. Step by step instructions. Pretty easy looking, actually. If you have an indie produced film with no distribution deal, this is one way to get it out on the market (albeit with no marketing, and closing off other distro deals). But it […]

Jaymis Loveday - January 3, 2007

Monetize Your Clips: iStockPhoto launches iStockVideo

Welcome starving visualists! I know there’s plenty of you reading this. Well, perhaps not starving, but you’d definitely like more pocket money so you can buy some of the cool stuff you’re seeing on CDMo or CDMu. You’ve got plenty of original material right? Now all you need is a way for that material to […]

Jaymis Loveday - August 1, 2006

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