Modular Sound by Touch: Usine

Sensomusic Usine Touch Screen Edition by sensomusic Touchable, open-ended, modular sounds and music – it’s an appealing idea. I’d be remiss in talking this week about touch apps if I didn’t mention the free/cheap Windows tool Usine, which has recently made the jump to a touchscreen-optimized version. (Big thanks to alby75 in comments on our […]

Reaper, Elegant Mac/Windows DAW, Adds Gobs More Features

Welcome to Reaperworld. It’s an alternative universe, in which a “2.4.5” update is huge. Released yesterday, it’s a new build for what might best be described as an “indie” DAW from the original creator of Winamp. Check out the full feature list, but here are some highlights: “Solo in front” for easier soloing Track folding […]

Peter Kirn - August 26, 2008

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