A Chorus of Singing, Stuffed Frogs – Complete With Mouth Pitch Control

From Japan, of course. Yes, continuing our coverage of stuffed, singing creatures – see our Theremin Cookie Monster via Koma Elektronik – here’s another entry. Cleverly, the aperture of the frog’s mouth determines pitch. Take that, Teddy Ruxpin. Thanks, Wouter Jaspers!

Quäkmonster: Cookie Monster + Speaker + Theremin = Stuffed Sonic Creature

I could make some comment, but the sight of a blue muppet with a speaker in his mouth making Theremin sounds I expect will either elicit immediate horror or delight – and nothing I can say would change that. From our friends at Koma Elektronik, this (intended) monstrosity is the work of head of production […]

- October 8, 2012

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